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A ransomware attack on Friday has left Campbell County Health struggling to continue services.  While their computer systems are down, EMS transports are being diverted to alternate facilities, and other hospitals in the region have pitched in to assist CCH. Chief Nursing Officer Misty Robertson said CCH’s emergency department and Walk-In Clinic are still operational and will continue to see patients who walk in. According to CCH Chief Operating Officer Colleen Heeter  there are seven ambulance drivers ready to transport patients if needed, and flight crews are available as well.

“Our staff’s response and the calmness that exists in this building when such an awful incident is occurring should be noted,” said CCH board chairman Dr. Ian Swift on Friday evening. “I’m very impressed with our leadership, I’m very impressed with the employees and just the response this organization’s made.  Swift went on to say, “The residents of Campbell County are safe, and if things do occur, through our ER and other services, we will make sure that they receive the care that they need.”

CCH is currently talking with their cybersecurity attorneys and various state and federal departments to determine the organization’s next steps, including whether to pay the ransom or not.

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