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Many Physical Therapy private practice owners are unaware of the risks they are taking by not having a practice assessment by a cybersecurity expert.  Owners need to protect themselves and their practice from liability.  They also need to find someone they can trust to provide those cybersecurity services.  Craig Petronella, CEO of Petronella Technology Group, is the man to see.  His professional and affordable services in conjunction with his knowledge and experience truly make Craig an expert in his field.

The Petronella Technology Group is a well-known and trusted cybersecurity group that specializes in security and compliance for small business, medical practice, health tech startups, and law firms.  Petronella also offers Security Awareness Training for you and your employees because policies and procedures are simply not enough.  They need to know what’s out there and what’s at risk, and so do you.

Don’t let the unknown jeopardize your practice. Contact Craig at Petronella Technology Group today to get your practice assessment and cyber security.

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