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Many in the healthcare industry feel the difficulty in implementing distributed ledger technology or blockchain overwhelm the benefits and return on investment, but there are others who feel its widespread use is closer than they believe. Those in favor of blockchain site empowering patients to control their own health information, machine learning, IoT, and countless other potential clinical uses.

The most obvious use would be the management of patient health records. Blockchains indisputable ledger can make those records easier to manage and trace, while not requiring a third party to do so.

In addition to patient records, it’s uses in patient recruitment in clinical trials, the supply chain for medical devices, and managing pharmaceuticals are easily apparent. For example, when it comes to the drug supply, blockchain would make it far more difficult for fake or substandard medications to make their way to patients.

There are many different types of block chains including centralized, decentralized, private, public, permission, distributed, and many more. If you are a healthcare organization looking to utilize the technology, it would be a good idea to research and decide which works best for your needs.

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